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Leave it to us to run an online advertising campaign and grow your business with new customers. We develop optimized advertising campaigns with cost effective investment and increase the reach of your offer.

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Online advertising advantages
  • Less investment and bigger reach
    Unlike traditional advertising, internet marketing provides a higher return on investment. Starting a campaign is cheap and your investment can be increased or decreased according to your needs.
  • Simplicity and speed
    Starting an online advertising campaign is easy and a targeted campaign can be started in one day.
  • Target audience
    Internet advertising allows your ad to appear only to the target audience who is interested in the offer. Focusing on your target audience drastically reduces your investment so that your ads are not shown to non interested customers.
Online advertising advantages
  • Data collection
    During the advertising campaign data about your customers is collected. The information collected can be used to optimize ads or create new offers according to customer preferences. New strategies for SEO optimization of your website can also be drawn from the collected data.
  • A/B testing
    In order to constantly improve advertising results its necessary to A/B test ads. All platforms that we use support automated A/B testing of ads.
  • Global reach
    In most cases, traditional marketing methods are implemented locally. Internet advertising provides global reach and geolocation-targeted ads.



Google Ads

    Google Ads is the largest online advertising platform. Each time a potential customer performs a search on Google for the product or service you offer, your ad might appear depending on your campaign settings. Choosing which ad to show and its position depends on the automated auction system and cost-per-click settings. Ads generally appear at the top above normal search results, further increasing the potential for a potential customer to click on your ad.

    Due to the great results that ads achieve, Google Ads has become a highly competitive field of internet marketing. To take full advantage of Google Ads and reach your competition on this platform, you need a professionally crafted campaign with targeted strategies. Web Rocket Studio will launch and continuously improve Google Ads Marketing campaigns to reach the full potential of your service or product.

Google Ads

Google Ads services:

  • Launching Google Ads campaign
  • Research and selection of keywords targeted to potential customers
  • Placing negative keywords as needed
  • Customizing ads for mobile devices
  • A/B testing
  • Testing and analyzing campaign performance for constant improvement
  • Gradually update your ad to match test and analytics results
  • Continually adjusting cost-per-click to reduce campaign costs


Google Display Network

    Display Network allows web portal owners to place ads displayed by Google through their AdSense program. Ads can include text and graphics to get visitors attention. Google also allows users to select web portals where ads will appear.

    Creating and optimizing Google Display Campaigns takes more effort than normal Google Ads campaigns, but can also lead to better results. Web Rocket Studio is here to help you launch your Display campaign and create text and graphic content to reach prospective clients.

Google Display Network

Display Network services:

  • Starting a Display Network campaign
  • Selection of optimal ad payment system (PPC, CPM, or CPE)
  • Research and selection of portals where your ads will appear
  • Ad customization for mobile devices
  • A/B testing
  • Testing and analyzing campaign results for constant improvement
  • Gradually update your ad to match test and analytics results
  • Continuous price adjustments to reduce campaign costs


Nativno oglašavanje

    Native advertising is a new marketing model that is growing in popularity. The goal of native advertising is to offer potential customers interesting content in the form of an article or video, which will lead them to buy a product or service. Native advertising ads will appear on the web portals of your choice in the form of an article.

Nativno oglašavanje

Native advertising services:

  • Creating your ad strategy and content
  • Selection of portals where your ads will appear
  • Creation of articles / ads with accompanying graphic content
  • Testing and analyzing campaign results for constant improvement
  • Updating articles / ads to match test and analytics results


Google Local Services Ads

Google allows you to promote your local business through the Local Services Ads. When a potential customer searches for a local product or service you offer, your business will be at the top of the search results. Also Google Maps searches will show your ad.

Web Rocket Studio will help you set up your business on Google My Business and run Local Advertising Services.

Google Local Services Ads
Social media advertising


Social media advertising

Social media advertising is the fastest growing branch of marketing and requires a different strategy from traditional advertising. Find out more about Web Rocket Studio services for social media advertising.

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Tell us about your web project and we will contact you with an offer as soon as possible.

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